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10th Edition European Electricity Ancillary and Balancing Forum

Reviewing developments in flexibility, balancing and demand response in response to the latest regulatory and market factors

25-27 September 2017
NH Barcelona Stadium Hotel, Spain

Conference Workshop

Network codes and the balancing guidelines: Implementing the new regulations

Workshop Moderator: Luisa Matos

Company: Innovation and Product Director at Virtual Power Solutions

Conference Workshop

The future: Smart grids, virtual power plants and big data

Workshop Moderator: Luisa Matos

Company:Innovation and Product Director at Virtual Power Solutions

Why You Should Attend

10th Edition European Electricity Ancillary and Balancing Forum

This marcus evans event will enable TSOs, DSOs  and regulators to discuss the practical challenges involved in implementing the new regulatory developments including the network code and balancing guidelines, and how cooperation between firms can help with this. This event will also look at recent developments in demand response and flexibility as well as grid storage solutions, and how renewable energy systems can be used efficiently to deal with the ever-present issue of their lack of reliability. By discussing the key issues of today and preparing for the future, individual firms, as well as the industry as a whole, will be able to proceed in the knowledge that everyone is moving forward together.

Every sector is having to adapt to the technology of the future and the electricity sector is no exception, with numerous technological solutions being introduced into the sector, from storage solutions to assist with balancing to the futuristic solutions of virtual power plants and smart grids, as well as the ongoing challenge of increasing the energy that is produced by renewables in order to reduce the production of greenhouse gas emissions. A greater proportion of RES presents a new problem for those responsible for balancing and ancillary services: renewables are difficult to be relied upon as the amount of wind and sun, for example, varies. A lack of a constant supply of power thus results in additional balancing challenges, of which storage solutions have the potential to be a remedy for this.

Key Topics

  • Austrian Power Grid discusses the plan for the implementation of the balancing guidelines
  • Elering AS discusses the development of demand response in the Baltic electricity markets
  • DONG Energy investigates the prospect of commercialising flexibility
  • Danske Commodities assess cross-optimising renewables, storage and the intra-day market to effectively provide ancillary services
  • Previous Attendees Include

    • APG
    • Dong Energy
    • Drax Power
    • Edison Trading
    • Elektro Ljubljana
    • Elia
    • Endesa
    • Energi Danmark
    • ESB
    • Eurelectric
    • EON
    • Gaelectric
    • Innogy
    • National Grid
    • RSE
    • Shell Energy Europe
    • Swissgrid
    • Statnett
    • Svenska Kraftnat
    • TenneT
    • Uniper
    • Vattenfall

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    Event Partners

    Practical Insights From

    Nicolas Kuen
    Policy Officer
    European Commission

    Thomas Elgaard Jensen
    Director, Strategic Business Development
    Energi Danmark

    Elis Paas
    Head of Energy Markets Department
    Elering AS

    Christian Todem
    Head of Market Management
    Austrian Power Grid

    Thomas Kudela
    Regulatory Manager, Senior Commercial Developer
    DONG Energy

    Emanuele Taibi
    Power Sector Transformation Strategies
    International Renewable Energy Agency

    Benjamin Biegel
    Lead Quant Trader, Intraday Power Trading
    Danske Commodities

    Olivier Van den Kerckhove

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    • “Good Conference with relevant issues.” 50Hertz Transmission GmbH
    • “Well organized event with great setup.” Power Spot Trader, EON Global Commodities SE
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