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Social Media Monitoring & Listening

Understanding and interpreting the true reach and impact of social media activity in order to develop a digital strategy with traceable, quantifiable performance indicators

18 June 2018
London, United Kingdom

Why You Should Attend

Social Media Monitoring & Listening

Why you should attend

Companies use social listening to develop insights on product features that could add value and increase market share through better pricing, to identify which features of existing products are less important to consumers and thus suitable for elimination or modification to optimize costs.

With social monitoring you don’t have to ask people what they want, as that can lead to skewed answers, misinformation, and potentially failed products or campaigns. If you want to know what clients want - just listen to their conversations, understand what that means to you and use these insights to figure out what the clients need. The social monitoring masterclass will be structured around the 3 key components of a digital conversation: Listening and monitoring, interpreting for your organization and responding accordingly.

Course outcomes

·         Understanding the nature of social media engagements, and the potential opportunities that can be extracted from an active social media campaign

·         Identifying the differences between key metrics and the follow-on impact it can have on business development

·         Learning how to utilise qualitative data to illustrate and enhance the impact of quantitative reports

·         Using data to influence and adapt social media strategies

·         Factoring data into impact assessments

·         Developing confidence in accurately reporting the impact and results of social media activity to parties operating outside of marketing & communications

Trainer Profile – David Glenwright

David Glenwright is one of Birmingham’s most influential professionals in the marketing and communication sector. As Head of Training Services for JC Social Media, David designs and delivers extensive training materials and courses, focusing on specific areas of social media, from LinkedIn profile optimisation to YouTube content creation, tailoring courses for clients so as to maximise their learning.

David accepted Facebook’s invitation to travel to their international HQ in Dublin, Ireland, becoming one of just eight certified “She Means Business” Facebook trainers to deliver courses to female entrepreneurs throughout the year.

David is regularly invited to present at conferences and events nationwide, such as Enterprise Nation’s tour of the UK in January 2016, where David was the first keynote speaker at an event designed inspire young people to start their own business. He also makes regular appearances on national and regional BBC radio, commenting on the latest trends and developments in social media.

Key Topics

  • The current social media landscape
  • Key metrics and data used to measure success
  • Assessing the impact of paid activity
  • Compiling reports and demonstrating return on investment
  • Enhancing engagement through real-time monitoring

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