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Innovation Breakthroughs: Hacking the Consumer Mindset

Winning best business results via a more innovative approach: Capturing the right business opportunities through disruptive innovation practices, customer engagement and timely execution of ideas.

24-25 September 2018
London, United Kingdom

Why You Should Attend

Innovation Breakthroughs: Hacking the Consumer Mindset

Innovation Breakthroughs: Hacking the Consumer Mindset
Why  you should attend

Innovation is primarily about investing the right resources and taking the right amount of risk to provide your customer with the best product/service possible. In today’s age, companies are constantly inundated with huge access to data and customer analytics in nearly every facet of their business. The challenge then shifts to the organisation in making the best use of this data. Change is at the heart of innovation and leading organisations need to constantly “self-disrupt” themselves to foster a culture of constant innovation and experimentation. The biggest challenge comes with revamping long-established legacy processes, building new team dynamics, having better insights on the needs and demands of your core customer and a strong awareness into the minds of this specific demographic. The recent collapse of Toys “R” Us proves that companies of all sizes are constantly at risk of being “out-innovated” without constant change.

This training will dive deeper into relevant case studies and sessions addressing the formation of new ideas, product commercialisation, customer engagement and collaborative partnerships. As companies mature, so does the likelihood for stagnation in terms of creativity and innovative ideas. Learn to manage your consumer’s core expectations from a 21st century business and protect your company from losing market share to new industry disruptors.

Course outcomes

·         Constructing ideas through different innovation approaches to gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace

·         Benchmarking the progress of your innovation strategy by developing customised Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure the quality and uniqueness of your idea

·         Converting insights into action: Obtaining the right balance between customer desires’ and your Research and Development (R&D) capabilities

·         First-to-market: Translating your customer data for greater consumer insights and market penetration speed

·         Boosting your company’s design-thinking strategy by developing a more innovative culture and mindset through stronger collaboration of cross-functional skills

·         Open Innovation (OI): Crafting a more leaner product development system to reduce unnecessary wastage of resources

·         Diversifying your business partnerships to obtain access to new creative talent and technological tools

·         Reducing innovation risks through effective prototype testing

Trainer Profile - Dr John A Bauly

Dr. John Bauly has a track record of over 30 years of “hands-on” commercially successful experiences in new product development, Research and Development (R&D), technology and business management. His service experience includes projects in pension’s administration, telecoms, postage, software, energy, consultancy services, education, trouble-shooting services, contract administration and others.


Key Topics

  • Idea Generation: Responding to Consumer Shifts in the Marketplace
  • Measuring the Progress and Return-On-Investment (ROI or IRR) Across Every Stage in the Innovation Process
  • Customer Engagement: Capturing the Right Market Insights and Trends to Stay Ahead of Industry Competitors
  • Sustainable Innovation: Incorporating New Design-Thinking Frameworks to Reduce Your Innovation Risk
  • Digital Access: Infusing Technology with Innovation

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