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Advancing S&OP programmes to Integrated Business Planning

Improve the S&OP process to make an effective business case, and achieve commercial and financial engagement to develop a smarter supply chain

15-16 November 2018
Tower Hotel, London, United Kingdom

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Advancing S&OP programmes to Integrated Business Planning

Advancing S&OP programmes to Integrated Business Planning

Improve the S&OP process to make an effective business case, and achieve commercial and financial engagement to develop a smarter supply chain.


Nowadays, an efficient model of planning is essential for all distributors and supply chain stakeholders, to handle customer’s demand volatility and growing supply chain complexity. Institutions need to develop an effective S&OP process globally, to optimise planning and collaboration between supply chain teams and partnering areas.

Delegates will leave this session understanding how best to measure the success of S&OP to make an effective business case. In addition, they will know how to effectively deploy a global S&OP process in the complex environment. Finally, they will know how best to grow the maturity of their

S&OP process and expand to higher integration by moving towards Integrated Business Planning.


Course outcomes

• Unify all departments around the main S&OP steps to best bring value to the supply chain

• Meet the challenges of strong demand volatility

• Establish effective KPIs to best demonstrate the business case and measure success of S&OP

• Manage diversification in products and markets to best meet demand

• Advance your S&OP programme to Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

• Expand the S&OP culture and promote process continuous improvement

• Feed S&OP information into your day-to-day activities for effective execution


Turning theory into practice

The marcus evans S&OP training program will teach you how to turn theory into practice. It will answer your expectations to get more than a conceptual approach to S&OP, and to learn through sharing with other professionals while getting access to real case experience feedback.

This course, presented by a domain expert will teach you the methods and best practice to optimise your end-to-end supply chain.


Fabrice Schneider - Head of End to End Supply Chain Processes, Merck Millipore

Fabrice Schneider has over 20 years of “hands-on” commercially successful experience in Supply Chain, Logistics, Packaging and Operation. He started his career at Panzani, a French brand of pasta, most recently a subsidiary of Ebro Foods. Fabrice was the Head of the Packaging Team, where his role was related to the production and packaging department integration.

Not long after that, he moved to Stoeffler Company where he continually reinforced his skills as a Packaging Director. Fabrice’s responsibilities involved accountablity for packaging (120 operators, up to 200 in peak periods), finished goods storing, orders picking and shipping activities, with 20 operators. As a planning manager, he also reversed from push to pull methodology, developed further sales forecasting activities, and established the position of production planner.

In 2006, he joined Millipore as “Supply Chain Manager Labwater” (a division of € 350 million revenue), with responsibility for forecasting, production, planning and scheduling. In particular, he was involved with sales forecasts/MPS /S&OP implementation in purchasing activities, leading to a combined decrease of 50% backorders, and 25% inventory. As a Project leader, he was responsible for traceability and MRP solution selection and integration (Microsoft Navision ERP coupled with customized MES )

Following the acquisition of Millipore by MERCK Group in 2010, he was appointed to the Head of Integrated Supply Chain Process for the harmonisation and development of end-to-end S&OP processes for the world division of MERCK Millipore. At this point, he was given the responsibility to look after the Supply Chain Business Processes Development on all Millipore scope, and effectively develop and harmonise programs for major Planning processes (S&OP , Distribution Requirements Planning, VMI program etcetera) and interfaces (Business, Customer Service, Distribution, Operations) Following the acquisition of Siagma Aldrich in 2016 as part of the MERCK Group, Fabrice has been Head of End to End Order to Deliver Processes for the brand new MERCK Life Science division.

Key Topics

  • Make S&OP a strategic process to increase the efficiency
  • Develop a global S&OP process in a complex environment
  • Meet the challenges linked to strong demand volatility
  • Integrate the right KPIs for your S&OP process
  • Advancing S&OP to Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

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