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22nd Annual Financial Sector Compensation and Benefits

Ensure the effective balance of stringent regulatory requirements stemming from CRDV and sales compensation while improving transparency and fairness for pay structure across the organisation

20-21 May 2019
London, United Kingdom

Conference Workshop

Understanding the impact of digitalisation on compensation and benefits

As the digital era progresses it is important to ensure that your compensation and benefits department doesn’t fall behind. This workshop will integrate important information about the jobs that will be affected as technology changes along with how to make sure you keep employee engagement at a maximum through effective compensation and benefits to drive firm-wide performance.

Workshop Moderator: Daniel Hibbert

Company: Independent Reward and Performance Consultant

Conference Workshop

Utilising advanced analytics, machine learningand artificial intelligence in your compensation and benefits department

Compensation and Benefits is set to undergo drastic changes in the coming years as automation and AI take a stronger hold on the department. Prepare yourself with this interactive workshop to ensure that you are prepared for these disruptive technologies and make discover how to make appropriate policies to ensure a smooth transition into use of these technologies.


Why You Should Attend

22nd Annual Financial Sector Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and benefits is one of the top priority areas within any financial institution. The correct management of this department will not only ensure compliance with all necessary regulation, but also drastically improve the recruitment and retention of staff through correct compensation structures while limiting the impact of excessive risk taking activities firm wide. This marcus evans event will focus on ensuring banks are successfully balancing the need to stay on top of and properly manage the regulation in this space, while improving transparency and fairness of pay across the institution to stay competitive in this market space. 

Key Topics

  • Ensure proper compliance with ongoing compensation and benefits regulations, including a focus on CRDV, the definition of identified staff and sales compensation
  • Embrace the impact of cultural changes through increased transparency and visibility for compensation and benefits frameworks
  • Understand how digitalization is affecting attraction and retention of staff and the use of data analytics for workforce planning
  • Improve diversity through equal pay and ensure you avoid system biases
  • Previous Attendees Include

    ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
    Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
    Avion Bank
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    Bank of Cyprus
    BBA (British Bankers Association)
    Bermuda Monetary Authority
    BMO Global Asset Management
    Capital Market Authority
    Credito Emiliano SPA
    Erste Bank
    EWM Global
    ING Bank
    International HR Adviser magazine
    ISS Corporate Solutions
    Jyske Bank
    KPMG. S.A
    Legal and General
    Norges Bank Investment Management
    Raiffeisen Bank
    S&P Global
    Societe Generale
    Standard Bank SA Limited
    Standard Life
    The Chartered Institute of Payroll Profe

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    Voice of Our Customers
    • “The event included a great mix of professionals from the finance industry and from across the country. The speakers were very knowledgeable and the format created a lot of interaction”. Regional Head of Compensation, Nomura Securities
    • “This was perhaps the most valuable and relevant conference that I have attended ever. Thank you for allowing me to be part of it” -Former VP Compensation, East West Bank
    • ‘A very good conference with useful information.’ Goldman Sachs
    • ‘Great conference touching on many relevant areas in operational risk management. Good networking opportunity.’ TD Bank
    • ‘Once again, very relevant and senior audience matching. Great to join and looking forward to the next one.’ Deutsche Bank
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