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9th Edition Operational Risk Management in Financial Institutions

Incorporating lessons learnt from the Covid19 pandemic alongside the emergence of new threats in an increasingly agile environment

16-17 Nov 2020
Virtual, Live+

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Conference Speakers

Irina Davies
Executive Director, Operational Risk
JP Morgan

Charles Forde
Head of Shared SVC Operational Risk

Freek van Velsen
Head of Operational Risk Management Retail and Private Banking

Marike Dokter
Head Operational Risk, Internal Audit

Dimitris Bartzilas
Head of Operational Risk Capital
Credit Suisse

Anit Deb
Head of External Industry Coverage
Deutsche Bank

Paul Williams
Senior Technical Advisor, Operational
Bank of England

Luke Carrivick
Head of Analytics and Research

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Bolster operational risk management practices alongside the emergence of new threats in an increasingly agile environment. Find out more.