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marcus evans conferences annually produce over 2,000 high quality events designed to provide key strategic business information, best practice and networking opportunities for senior industry decision-makers.

marcus evans, the producer of strategic business conferences and global summits is heightening its desire to raise awareness of online scams and fraud.

marcus evans, the prominent company established in 1983, is aiming to see a significant decrease in the levels of online fraudulent activity undertaken by unscrupulous hackers. This activity has cost corporates considerable money and strife and led to the demise of many small businesses.

marcus evans has recently undertaken extensive research into the levels of online rip offs and business scams and has uncovered evidence of thousands of cases of hoaxes and fraudulent activity. Marcus Evans has since used the findings of this research to assist them with their quest to better educate companies in how to eliminate online fraud.

marcus evans is continually educating less savvy web users in how to spot potential fraudulent activity. Online fraudsters frequently send out thousands of emails in the hope that even one person will respond and it is often the huge scale of the operations that can prove difficult to manage.

November 2008 saw marcus evans hold their fifth annual conference specifically focused on the prevention of online scams. Attendees at the event included government officials, general counsel, as well as compliance offers from highly regarded corporations. The conference enabled the captive audience to discuss and determine a long-term approach to decreasing the levels of online fraud, through the identification of a strategic approach.

marcus evans has established a specialist team designed to help clamp down on online fraud and scams. The team has produced an extensive list which details the key websites that specialise in promoting awareness of online scams. The list also states the details of forthcoming conferences specialising in reducing the risk of online fraud. The team at marcus evans also produces regular updates regarding scams, so as to keep people updated regarding the latest developments in preventing fraud and to aid companies fight back against these scandalous rip offs.

As witnessed by the organisation of conferences focusing on decreasing online fraud, marcus evans has always had a strong commitment to fight back against online fraud. However, the company is now more intent than ever before to fight back.

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marcus evans european conference reviews 4.6 out of 5 based on 2819 user reviews.

13. Jahrestagung Integriertes IT Demand und Portfolio Management
"Guter Austausch - neue Impulse"
5* by mobilcom debitel GmbH on 11 December 2019

13. Jahrestagung Integriertes IT Demand und Portfolio Management
"Sehr gute Veranstaltung"
5* by Metzler on 11 December 2019
Leiter PMO

Supply Chain Analytics 2019
"Gute Veranstaltung, hochkarätig besetzt, sehr interessante Vorträge, sowohl zum Praktischen als auch zu Theorie und Systematik"
5* by Stiebel Eltron GmbH & Co. KG on 10 December 2019

17th Annual Global Telecom CTO: Energy Efficiency Forum
"1) very +ve feedback resulted from exceptional effort planning & preparation.
2) Highly experienced participant, well selected.
3) Topics are best mix of energy pillars covering;
- strategic.
- operational
- short & long term
- use cases technology in Energy is fantastic. (AI, smart cities, Automation)

Abdelrahman Khowailed
Vodafone "

4* by Vodafone Egypt on 08 December 2019
Senior Manager, Partners Mgt & Cost Efficiencies

13. Jahrestagung Integriertes IT Demand und Portfolio Management
"Die Veranstaltung war geprägt von sehr guten Vorträgen aus unterschiedlichen Branchen und Unternehmensgrößen. Der Austausch war sehr offen und hilfreich."
4* by IKB AG on 06 December 2019

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